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Craig Klugman, Ph.D. is Vincent De Paul Professor of Bioethics and Health Humanities at DePaul University where he co-directs the Bioethics & Society minor program. Dr. Klugman also serves on the ethics committee at Northwestern University Hospital, is co-founder of the Health Humanities Consortium, and  is a voting member of the National Biodefense Science Board. In addition, Dr. Klugman is National End-of-life Doula proficient. He is the author of over 650 articles, book chapters, OpEds, and blog posts on such topics as public health ethics, bioethics, digital medicine, crisis and disaster ethics, professionalism, end-of-life issues, education, health/medical humanities, ethics of execution, and health policy.  Dr. Klugman is the editor of several books including Research Methods in the Health Humanities (Oxford 2019), Medical Ethics (Gale Cengage 2016), and Ethical Issues in Rural Health (Hopkins 2013; 2008). He is the executive producer of the award winning film Advance Directives and has developed programs for using art and improvisational theater to teach health students. He  frequently gives talks to universities, medical and nursing groups, companies, and community organizations as well as consults with hospitals, pharmaceutical and tech companies. Dr. Klugman has been interviewed for The New York Times, LA Times, ABC News, CBS News, HBO Vice, NPR, New Republic, National Geographic, Men’s Health, The Daily Beast, Sinclair Broadcasting and Scripps News Service. Besides numerous academic journals, his writing has appeared in Pacific Standard Magazine, Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, Medium, US News & World Report, Cato Unbound, The Hill, San Francisco Chronicle and the Houston Chronicle. He is the recipient of the 2023 Health Humanities Consortium Lifetime Achievement & Service Award.