Research Methods in Health Humanities” 2019. Oxford University Press

Medical Ethics” 2016. Gale Engage Learning.

Ethical Issues in Rural Health Care” 2008, 2013. Johns Hopkins University Press.

“This book [Research Methods] is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in researching the health humanities. In following the advice of the authors, new researchers will be able to produce a reliable document of their work for the betterment of the field. I recommend everyone working or hoping to work in the field of health humanities to read this book and use it as a constant reference and guide.” — Navjeevan Singh, Research and Humanities in Medical Education (RHiME)

{Rural Health Care} “Of obvious value for those active in rural health care. It may be even more useful, however, for nonrural practitioners, ethicists, and members of ethics committees. Reading the essays in this volume is like acquiring a new set of glasses. It made me better able to perceive differences in how ethics can be considered based on culture, population, geographic challenges, and personal connections . . . An even bigger service may be the tools it provides to look differently at problems commonly thought to be understood.– Myles N. Sheehan, SJ, MD ― JAMA

Educator, writer, and consultant in bioethics and health humanities

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