Graphic Bioethics

Graphic Bioethics explores the interaction of bioethics and the worlds of health. All of the images here are my own creation and can only be used with my permission. Contact me if you would like to use any of these original comics.  

This hybrid article combined comics with text to look at the future of publishing in the health humanities. [Click here]

How we decide who gents the vent? We use a triage system.

For stories on COVID-19.

For stories on COVID-19
On the CBP’s decision to not vaccinate people in its charge
A Rose By Any Other Name Still Stinks: Ethics of the Term Concentration Camp
Attached to a blog post exploring whether the creation of a do not ECMO (DNE) order might be necessary
Analysis of studies purportedly showing that ethicists are not more ethical than other professors
I suggest that an unexamined area of structural injustice in the U.S. is that the ability to practice one’s morality is directly related to one’s socioeconomic status and being an owner.
Ending privacy as we know it
A Brief History of Bioethics and Sources of Moral Authority
Docsplaining the Health Humanities
Learning hard lessons at a young age
What does a bioethics of loneliness look like?
Ethics of familial DNA searches
Rogue Genes

Educator, writer, and consultant in bioethics and health humanities

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