2020 A Bioethicist Talks About COVID-19. DePaul Alumni Association.

2019 Interview at the International Symposium on Human Identification

2019 Lecture on Research Ethics at Western Oregon University

2018 Lecture at Duke University

Interviewed on Vice News Tonight.

Why we keep death in the closet” Interview on WBEZ (podcast)

Interviewed on Medscape’s Both Sides Now on the issue of mandatory drug testing of physicians. Click here for the video
Interview on WGN

2013  The Role of Ethics in Geriatrics &
Palliative Medicine {Lecturer]

2013 Video Ad for Production Services [Acting-Doctor]

2012 Award-Winning Film [Executive Director/Actor] –
Advance Directives

2010 Moral Reasoning in Clinical Ethics [Lecturer]

2006 The Book Club [Actor-Travis}

Educator, writer, and consultant in bioethics and health humanities

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