New OpEdS

with Parker W, Patel A, and Piscitello G (2021, January 12). OpEd: Lightfoot must activate phase 1b of COVID-19 vaccination distribution now. Chicago Tribune. 

“As front-line medical providers and bioethicists, we understand the need for a risk-based and equitable system of vaccine distribution. We agree it made sense to start with health care workers at the front of the vaccine distribution line. We appreciate that many health care workers have not yet had an opportunity to be vaccinated (e.g., community health centers, federally qualified health centers, private practices) and lament that some health care workers have refused the vaccine. But the current system is inefficient and unjust if thousands of doses sit unused in freezers.”

with Patel A. (2020, December 2). Commentary: Who gets the COVID-19 vaccine first? Social justice must be a factor. Chicago Tribune.

“As bioethicists, we endorse the argument that the greater disease and death burden borne by communities of color combined with lack of improvements in combating social determinants of health, mean that communities of color should be at the head of the distribution list. Medical ethics and the principle of justice compels us to create health care policy that is not only equal (treat everyone the same) but equitable (get everyone to the same starting place).”

Commentary: As new COVID-19 surge hits, Illinois hospitals must coordinate resources.

“Illinois should develop an explicit plan to centrally organize patient admissions, including directing ambulances with critically ill patients to higher-level centers and transferring patients liberally when needed. Hospitals also should publicly share data on beds, equipment and staffing and share resources and personnel. These efforts will lead to a more efficient use of resources and alleviate existing COVID-19 disparities.”

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