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The Price for Eternal Youth is $1 Million and Dumping Ethics

A disease is an infection or a malfunction of a biological system. Aging is a normal part of human life. Being older may not be culturally popular or valued, but that hardly makes it a disease which must be cured.

The Consumer Electronic Show and The Ethics of Consumer Digital Health

Such tracking, charting, and rating also leads to an increase in “norming”. This is the idea that rather than helping people, we are encouraging people to act more like statistical norms.”

BioethicsTV (January 13-16, 2020)

“Andrews mentions that they cannot reveal any secrets to the husband, but they can tell him other things: “There have been some complications and we need to perform additional surgeries” When the spouse asks what complications, Andrews tells him that he can’t say anything more to protect the patient’s confidentiality. Essentially, Andrews is prompting the husband to ask Carrie to share her past in the hopes that he can convince Carrie to take anesthesia and pain meds. She still refuses.

Did Andrews cross the line in his “sorry, not sorry” routine by even suggesting there was something hidden? Andrews takes the letter of the law—do not share information—while violating its spirit— “I can’t talk about it”. Providing benefit to the patient is not an acceptable exemption to confidentiality.”

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