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“Thank You for Your Sacrifice”: De Facto Rationing Based on Snake Oil Pitches

“Kaiser’s decision is nothing less than rationing of a now-scarce resource by removing an effective, approved, and life-saving drug from patients who need it, to hold it for hope and prayers. Kaiser was not transparent, did not have a stated method backed by reason as to how allocation decisions should be made, did not inform patients (and families) before acting, has no appeals process, and is practicing the opposite of evidence-based medicine—magical thinking.”

Would You Give Up Your Cell Phone Location Data to Fight COVID?

The question then is how much should we relinquish our civil right to privacy in an effort to stop the pandemic? And if we did allow collecting of (unconsented) data, would we be able to close that door once the epidemic is past?

BioethicsTV (March 16-26)

Medicine has a bias where If the patient agrees with the doctor, few question whether there is capacity to consent. However, if the patient rejects the doctor’s preferences, then capacity is often questioned.

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