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(2020, June 10). Our Response to Racism Should Not Be More Unpaid Work for Black Faculty-Part I.

“Without a doubt bioethics and medicine need greater diversity and inclusiveness. The answer, however, is not found in requiring a higher service load of faculty of color but rather for everyone to embrace the goals of social injustice and equity and the work that will require.”

(2020, June 5).  Where Have All the Bioethicists Gone?

The question is not “what can bioethics do” but rather “what will bioethics do?”

with Michelson K, Parsi K (2020, June 5). Local Bioethicists Respond to the Pandemic: The Birth of the COVID-19 Chicago Bioethics Coalition (CBC).

Our hope is that members of the CBC can continue to help each other assist their respective institutions, as well as bring more light than heat to this critical public health crisis.

with Feltman D  (2020, June 3). No Quick Fix, But Now Is the Time

As bioethicists, let’s come together–as white, black, or brown, Ivy-league, state school, or Jesuit school graduate, philosopher, physician or lawyer–as persons.  When we engage in these discussions, with respect for persons as central, we will become agents for justice in the social determinants, ensuring opportunities for health for all.

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